How to make the status invisible

How to make the status invisible

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Ways of finding of invisibility are also well-known long ago - a cap of darkness, a spell of invisibility and special means of Herbert Wells. But the Internet reality is other world and the social network "VK to an Ontakta" means use of new methods.


1. Use the easiest and universal way of finding of invisibility on the website of VKontakte - carry out login in the standard way and pass into the section "Private messages". Do not take any actions within 15 minutes - time necessary for a timeout and disappearance of the status "In network" - and do not open the profile.php page at all. After that it is possible to move freely according to any pages, except for the profile and the main pages of profiles of other users.

2. Start the Opera browser and open the Tools menu of the top service panel of an application window. Pass into the Setup point and select the option "In addition". Expand the link "Network" and deselect a checkbox in the field "Include automatic redirection". Create a new tab and carry out an input on the page on social network VKontakte in the standard way with introduction of a name of the account and password. Wait for emergence of the error message and pass on randomly the selected page of the website, except for profile.php. Return to a dialog box of settings of network of the browser "Network" and apply a checkbox in the field "Include automatic redirection" (for the Opera browser).

3. Start the Mozilla Firefox browser and open a dialog box of settings of the Internet observer by introduction of about:config value to a text box of an address bar. Confirm command execution with clicking of a function key of Enter and find the line "Filter". Enter network.http.redirection-limit value into the found field and wait for display of the selected parameter. Change value of the selected readdressing parameter from existing on 0 and use the above algorithm of actions for obtaining the status of invisibility on social network VKontakte (for Mozilla Firefox).

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