How to make the stim-account

How to make the stim-account

Steam is the unique gaming platform integrating a great number of fans of computer games. With its help you can get game new products directly from a program cover, use considerable purchase discounts and also participate in different actions. For creation of the account in this system you need to be registered on the website

It is required to you

  • Internet access, computer, e-mail.


1. In the right top part of the website click "Enter". The page with a form of an input and the link to creation of the new account will open. Pass by the green button "Create the Account" on the following page.

2. Enter a desirable user name in a top line. If you use simple logins, for saving of time check whether your option is occupied. For this purpose to the left of a text entry box click on the link "Check Availability". If already someone uses a name, near the link the word will be highlighted "Is unavailable", and is slightly lower, in the appeared window, there will be a list from the free names offered by a system.

3. In the following block it will be offered to you to create the password on the account. For this purpose enter the thought-up combination of characters twice. Steam developers recommend to use the unique password for the service.

4. Registration of steam of the account will require the operating mailbox. After creation of the account you will have to confirm it. Add the name of mail to the respective field.

5. In the registration Steam form of service there is an additional protection in the form of a confidential question. You select one of six offered options and add the answer.

6. Attentively read the picture with characters which is under the field of a confidential question. If you are not sure of some letters or digits, click the link "Update". After that the system will give new option. Enter all recognizable characters in the bottom text box of this block.

7. After filling of basic data to you will suggest to get acquainted with text version of the agreement of the subscriber of Steam. Attentively read it and check corresponding to acceptance of conditions. Then click the Create the Account point.

8. If any field was filled incorrectly, in the refreshed page it will be circled with a yellow frame. Attentively double-check and fill registration. If after clicking "Create the account" the homepage of the website opened, your account is created.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team