How to make the website convenient

How to make the website convenient

Certainly, creating the website, we aspire to transferring originality and singularity of both the subject, and our approach to it. But if we excessively deeply go to it, we are similar to the shoemaker who does sagogi with noses in foot because it is unusual and creative. We should think first of all of that the visitor of our website came and remained on it that it was interesting to it, but even more - it is convenient to look for and study information which is on our website. There is a number of simple rules by means of which it is possible to make the website the most convenient.


1. The website should be loaded quickly. As a rule, Internet users have not enough therefore provide fast loading of the website. Do not use a flash if it is possible to do without it. Do not try to use the most unusual graphics and design - the more difficult elements, such as pictures or music, the website is more slowly loaded.

2. Care for that to the reader it was comfortable to move on the website. Delete from the homepage the link "homepage"" for duplication avoidance. Make color of the visited pages other than those links on which the user did not pass yet. Remember that the less additional functions are on your website, the it is simpler to be to the user on it.

3. Use the general rules. Headings should be large, the text on the page there has to be an average quantity, and it should be divided into accurate paragraphs, and hyperlinks should be blue and only blue. Use the Internet as the user in order that it is more accurate to understand what is accepted and that is not present. After all, provide to the acquaintance to test your website on convenience and simplicity to understand what is not enough for the website and that should be removed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team