How to make the website in two languages

How to make the website in two languages

On the website which is posted online both Russian-speaking, and foreign guests can come. If you provide the services available to both groups, it is necessary to have the website at least in two languages.


1. For creation of the website in two languages create at first option in one language. If you create it independently, save the model and all its components in the separate folder. With a large amount of text information create the Word document in which there will be all texts which are posted on the website, with the detailed description of their location. The more accurately you will carry out this procedure, the more simply for you there will take place the following operations.

2. At rather high language skills on which there has to be a website you can translate it independently. If at you on the website a large number of banners is used, begin with them. Create new banners and menu items if they are executed in the graphics editor, having maintained design but having executed them in other language. After that translate the menu. After that you can save time, having used package translation of files of PROMT Translator. After that carefully subtract the text, using multitran service.

3. Keep in mind that insufficiently just to translate the text which is contained on the website – it is also necessary to daptirovat it it for the native speaker. Optimum will be to request that for whom this tongue is mother, to subtract the text. If you doubt the opportunities and also have no such acquaintances, the best step will be to contact translation agency.

4. Collect the exact copy of initially created website. Add on each model two buttons for switching of language. It is optional to configure the website in such a way that it would be possible to translate the page from any section of the website – enough that when clicking the button of switching of language the visitor was transferred to the homepage of that version of the website which language he clicked. Connect both models in one then load a resource on a hosting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team