How to make the website on Drupal

How to make the website on Drupal

Drupal — quite popular management system of the website differing in customizability and convenience to the webmaster. Despite the seeming system complexity of Drupal, creation of the website on its basis does not cause special difficulties, it is enough to follow several simple instructions only.

It is required to you

  • - hosting with the PHP and MySQL support;
  • - Drupal distribution kit.


1. For a start download a distribution kit of the latest version Drupal on After that prepare the database for your future website: create new MySQL-base in the section of management of a hosting, having remembered at the same time all entered data as they will be useful to you later. Do not use often found logins and passwords as databases of the websites are an object of the hacker attacks.

2. After preparation of the database start file transfer of CMS Drupal on your hosting. It is possible to make it as means of the hosting, and by means of file managers by means of the ftp-protocol: it is necessary to find these ftp-servers (address, the password) on the page of management of your hosting and to connect to it using, Total Commander, for example.

3. After file transfer on a hosting install Drupal management system. But before installation copy the file which is in a directory of sitesdefaultdefault.settings.php and rename it into settings.php. After that enter into an address bar the link http://localhost/drupal where localhost — the address of your website, and drupal — the folder in which you unpacked files of the CMS engine (it can be renamed). After that the installation window will open. Follow its instructions, entering at the same time necessary data.

4. Do not forget about future safety of your resource and at request for input of the login and the admin password think up something original and difficult. After the CMS installation customize a system, expand its functionality. For this purpose download necessary modules — the components allowing to perform additional functions, for example, the designer of content of Content Construction Kit. After that transfer files of the module in the modules folder in sitesall directory (if there is no such directory, create it). Follow just the same instruction at installation of other modules.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team