How to make the website the home page

How to make the website the home page

The home page always opens very first at start of the web browser. And for convenience you can make the homepage your darling or the most often visited site.


1. Configure the home page, having selected one of two possible ways. In the first way it can be done directly from the page of the website which you want to see as the homepage. Most often the link necessary to you is located on the homepage of the website and is represented in the form of a lodge or the inscriptions "Make Starting", "Make House". Follow the link and accurately follow instructions for setup. After that the selected website will become the home page.

2. Make the website the home page, having configured manually your web browser. If you use Mozilla Firefox, find the Tools tab on a top panel, click on it and select the line "Setup" in a drop-down list. The window with bookmarks will open. Click "Main" and select "Show the home page" at start of the browser. Enter the address of the website into an active line and click "Ok".

3. When using the Internet Explorer browser pay attention to a top panel and click on a tab "Service". Select "Internet Options" from the appeared sections. In a window with bookmarks click "Main". The menu which of all offered points you need to select "At start" will open and to click on the line "Begin with the Home Page". Enter a website URL into an address bar and click the Ok button.

4. If you use the Opera web browser, start it and click the button located in the upper left corner. In a drop-down menu select a line of "Setup", and then "General settings". Specify in the Main tab how to arrive to the observer at start and select "Begin with the home page". In the line enter the address of the website below and click on the Ok button.

5. If for the overview of pages of the Internet you use Google Chrome, click the image of a wrench which is in the upper right corner. Select the line "Parameters" and open the Main tab. Put the end opposite to the Open This Page point and in the respective field enter the website address. Restart the browser.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team