How to make the website visible for searchers

How to make the website visible for searchers

Adding of the website in search engines is automatic special programs robots of any given company if the corresponding instruction prohibiting scanning it is not made in robots.txt or .htaccess. However this process can be accelerated, having independently added the website to search engine.

It is required to you

  • - robots.txt file


1. That the website was effectively scanned by the search engine and added as appropriate, it is necessary to give a great influence to availability of the project. It is necessary to make sure of reliability of a hoster and that the website functions normally, otherwise these factors can reduce considerably quality of indexation of pages the search robot.

2. Create the robots.txt file which gives instructions to search spiders and allows them quicker and more conveniently to move on structure of the website. Besides, it is possible to specify the data not desirable for indexation in this file, and the robot will miss them.

3. That to make the website more visible, it is necessary to make sure that the website is convenient for access. It is worth specifying on all HTML pages tags for key phrases, the description and existence of copyright. Also by optimization it is necessary to specify the parameter of the ALT tags which is also widely used by robots.

4. Organize convenient navigation which is necessary not only to visitors, but also search engines. Install simple text references below, include links to each page of the website.

5. The site map also helps robots to pass on structure of the website. The good card is the page on which links to all other files are specified. Sometimes the description joins.

6. Also allow make the project visible the systems of link exchange. Exchange links with other webmasters. From the different websites the search engines learn about existence of any given projects. What on bigger quantity of the websites installed the link, that the probability of getting under scanning is higher.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team