How to mark out people at a meeting

How to mark out people at a meeting

Function of creation of a meeting on social network is intended for the notification of a large number of users about any important event. Create meetings and invite to them acquaintances and friends each net surfer can.


1. Visit the page and in the main menu click the My Meetings point. Then click the option "Create an Event". On the opened page fill all fields: event name, description of an event, date and time of holding action. Select the option "The Closed Action" or "Public event" and click "Create an event". Now, when your meeting is created, start its editing that it looked the most attractive.

2. Select and load the main photo which will capture the meeting essence. At will write the introductory message on a wall. Under the picture click the Management of a Meeting point. In this section you can edit the description of a meeting, specify the contact information, change possibilities of actions of participants of a meeting (writing of comments on a wall, for example), to add organizers of a meeting, etc. After the entered information click the Save point.

3. In the section "List of Participants" you can look at participants who rejected or accepted your invitation, and also those whom you can invite.

4. Under the section "Organizers" there are photos and videos. Load them there if those are available for you - it will draw attention to an event. Besides, when the action will end, publish photos there and videos that participants could leave the comments.

5. Under the main photo click the Invite Friends point and invite all or some. If you created an open meeting, then all invited by you can invite also the friends.

6. From time to time you come into a meeting and browse the number of the people who accepted your offer. That more people gathered on an action, create advertizing of your meeting at yourself on the page and in groups, having left the short description and the link to a meeting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team