How to mark out people on photos

How to mark out people on photos

Modern people already forgot about what is a photo album with the photos printed on paper. All load photos into social networks where everyone can get access to them from the house, without going outside and without paying a visit. Every day people exchange impressions of trips and events, posting new and new photos. Most often on a photo there are also other people, except the owner of a page therefore it is convenient when according to the photo it is possible to understand who is who.

It is required to you

  • - the computer with access to the Internet and the installed program browser.


1. Visit the website of social network which you use and load the new photo. Depending on the fact what the network is the Mark Out the Person command can be called differently. For example, VKontakte this function is called "Mark out the person", in Schoolmates - "Mark out friends", and on Facebook - "Mark out people".

2. Choose the Mark Out Friends command and guide the mouse cursor at the photo. Near the cursor there will be a cross which should be brought at the left over a human face which you want to note, click once and to select completely all person. On schoolmates it is rather simple to choose the command and once to click on the necessary person.

3. Enter a name of the person in the opened window. It is possible to select from the list and to mark out the necessary friend a tick. If you have in the list many friends, begin to enter a name or a surname necessary, and the list will be automatically limited on these letters. After the necessary person is selected, click "Is ready", and the inscription will appear under the photo.

4. To note in the photo of itself, similarly choose the Mark Out Friends command, and from the list choose the Mark Out Itself command, or "I", depending on what social network is used.

5. Correct a mark if you made a mistake. For this purpose select the necessary photo, near the list of names under it select wrong and click a cross to the right of it or the Delete a Tag command. After that make the correct tag and click "Is ready".

6. Mark out people whom you know, in photos of the friends, this function is available not only for your own photos. You can tag the person in a photo of group in which you consist or in an album of your friend. Sometimes strangers for your friends, unmarked on their photo, are familiar to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team