How to mark out the person on a wall

How to mark out the person on a wall

Facebook opens for the users all new opportunities, one of which was a mention of the person, group, an action or application in the messages placed on a wall. Function is useful when you want to contact personally or to refer in the message to some specific page.

It is required to you

  • - Internet access;
  • - registration to wash down in Facebook.


1. Become authorized on the homepage of Facebook, using the e-mail address and the password.

2. To publish the status, click the corresponding icon in the top part of the page. It is slightly below than a search string.

3. To mark out the friend at the very beginning of the message, in the opened line "What Do You Think of?" enter a character @ and begin to write his name. In the coming-up menu select the one who is necessary to you. If the name was selected in gray color, means at you everything turned out. Type the message which you wanted to publish, and click the corresponding blue button.

4. If you want to place the reference in the middle or at the end of the offer, enter a character @ before the mentioned name and select his name in a pop-up menu. Do not forget to press the Publish button.

5. Mention group in the status, the application or an action is possible the same way.

6. To mark out the person on the friend's wall, visit the page of the addressee. In a search string begin to enter his name and click it in search results. Find the Record button and the line "Write Something" on the page of the friend. Repeat the actions described in 3 and 4 points.

7. Sometimes it happens and so that just it is necessary to insert a character into the message @, and Facebook automatically opens a pop-up menu. Just continue to enter the comment, and it will be closed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team