How to measure a ping

How to measure a ping

Ping is the name of a system level command which checks availability and speed of reply to the requests from any computer. It is used in the local and wide area networks. Also under this word the signal delay time on the Internet means, connection speed with network depends on the value of this delay. For example, at great values of a ping will seem that pages open very slowly or in online games your character will react to clicking of keys with delay.


1. Click "Start-up" and select the Execute menu. Or you can click the Win+R keyboard shortcut — the same window with the offer will open to enter a command. Gather cmd and click OK. On the screen the black-and-white window of the system Windows console will appear. Enter the following text: ping Instead of you can specify any website interesting you or the IP address of the computer in a local area network.

2. Wait some time, and on the screen four lines with the description of a session of check will appear. Upon termination of work of the ping command the average time of a server response will be brought to request and also the minimum time and maximum, specified in milliseconds. As it was told above, the it is less, the better. On average, normal values of a ping are 100-150 ms. It depends on system settings, on connection with the Internet and on your provider.

3. One more way to measure a ping is to use online check by means of the website. Open the web browser and pass to the page. After loading press the Begin Check button and select one of whitepoints, that is servers for testing. For more exact result it is worth carrying out several inspections in a row, selecting every time different servers. Check takes about a minute. In the left top part of a window you will see value of your ping and parameters of connection with the Internet.

4. One more tool for check of cross-network delays — the website Follow this link to start detailed testing of your communication. Select one of servers, the best are noted by light-light green color and click the inscription Begin Test. It takes about a minute or two, depending on connection speed and the selected check host. In the left part of the page the result with the indication of percent of losses, speeds of a response and, so-called, "jitter", that is instability of the answer from the server will be displayed. As a result service will measure a ping and will put down a mark in the American system, from A to F where And is the five, i.e. the minimum delay time.

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