How to measure advertizing efficiency

How to measure advertizing efficiency

The slogan "Advertising — the Trade Engine" is known to all, however, despite this it is possible to spend a set of time, forces, patience and a fortune on advertizing and not to achieve at all desirable result because simply it will be inefficient. As to measure advertizing efficiency how to achieve good results in the business.


1. The advertizing efficiency can be measured, having evaluated it in practice. Carry out a survey of audience to an output of your advertizing. Make for this purpose target sample of certain social groups. For example, students, pensioners, etc. depending on a sort of your activity. Take an interest whether it is known to a certain circle of people in each social group selected with you, your brand, activity of the specific company what advantages the goods, etc. have.

2. Start advertizing whether regardless there will be this Internet advance, banner placement, a roller on television, advertizing in the newspaper or the Internet, in the elevator or at the stand and carry out a survey of audience after an output of your advertizing, approximately, one or two weeks after a while, however doing it during the advertizing company that is when it demontrirutsya still. Take an interest at each of groups at the help of poll whether they know your goods and from where whether saw advertizing, whether your company, what do they think of services of this sort is known to them, whether they see some advantages of your goods over others that was remembered by it in advertizing, etc.

3. Carry out the survey of audience stated above a month later or it is slightly more after an output of your advertizing when advertizing ceased to appear on TV, radio or in other place. Sum up the intermediate and final results of advertizing activity.

4. Evaluate advertizing efficiency, having analyzed these basic, intermediate and final data. Determine by digits for what of groups this advertizing was the most effective.

5. Develop other type of advertizing and by the same method calculate its efficiency. Select the option which is the most suitable for you and continue the marketing in this direction. And it is for this purpose important to understand on whom, first of all, advertizing who will be your target audience should be calculated.

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