How to measure the actual speed of the Internet

How to measure the actual speed of the Internet

Learn actual speed the Internet of connection which the provider, apparently, gives business not really important. But for those who buy to themselves packages of speed over 50 Mbit it will help to be realistic, it is worth or not spending the money in a pursuit of digits on paper. Considering features of the equipment most of which providers continues to use, actual speed seldom rises above a mark of 40 Mbit.

It is required to you

  • The computer with connection to the Internet, the browser.


1. Turn on the computer and start connection to the Internet, using a label on a desktop or a tab network connections. In Windows Vista and Seven it is necessary to click a left mouse button on an icon network and in the opened menu to start the connection. If for connection to the Internet the router is used wire or Wi-Fi, then connection does not need to be raised.

2. Start any of browsers which you use. It can be "Internet Explorer", "Google Chrome", "Opera", "Safari" or any other which you use for viewing the Internet of pages. In the address field enter and click the ENTER key to pass to the website by means of which resources the testing of your connection will be carried out.

3. On a website page you will see something, the reminding image of the laptop. On its lower part where there has to be a keyboard, the world map on which the part of the globe from which you make request will be marked is represented. And on the monitor you will take away an outline of the country and the region to which your IP address is tied. Click the illuminated inscription "Begin Check" which is in the top part of the monitor then the test will be started.

4. The first that will show the test, is ping – signal delay time. Display of speed of the entering channel will become the second step of check. Speed with which downloading of movies, programs and music from file storages, P2P networks including torrents and also other external network resources is carried out depends on this indicator. At the third stage you will see the speed of the outgoing channel or, speaking in other words – the speed with which you can load the files into the Internet. Depends on this speed, what is the time you awake to spend for loading video or other files into social networks or file storages.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team