How to merge the website

How to merge the website

In any popular web browser there is a function of saving the page on the local information medium. However sometimes it is required to save group of pages or even to merge the website entirely. The normal browser is not suitable for this purpose, here it is worth using special download managers.

It is required to you

  • - connection to the Internet;
  • - Teleport Pro program.


1. Start the master of creation of the Teleport Pro projects. In the main application menu select the File item, and then New Project Wizard.

2. Specify type of structure of the created local copy of a resource on the first of pages of the master of projects. Activate the option designated by the text of Duplicate a website if it is necessary to reproduce virtual structure of directories of the website on the basis of URL documents. Select the option designated by the text of Create a browsable copy... if it is valid to place all loaded documents in one directory.

3. Determine surfing parameters by the target website by the Teleport Pro application on the second page of the master of projects. In the Starting Address field enter URI pages about which the resource round will be begun. Enter the number setting the maximum quantity of link navigations from the initial document in the Up to text box.

4. Set parameters of selection of contents and access to a target resource on the third page of the master. Select one of the following options:
- Just text if only HTML documents should be saved (images, scripts, video will not be loaded);
- Text ant graphics if in addition to hypertext contents it is necessary to save also images;
- Text, graphics, ant sound will allow to load the text and graphic information and also sound files;
- Everything includes the mode of full duplication of contents of a resource.

Enter if it is necessary, given for access to the website to the Account and Password fields. Press Next. Click "Is ready". The window of the master of projects will be closed.

5. Carry out saving the project in the file. It will allow to make loading in several sessions. The dialog of saving will appear right after closing of a window of the master of creation of projects. Select in it the preferred directory, enter a file name and click the Save button.

6. Merge the website. Open the Project menu and select in it the Start item. Expect the end of loading process of data. Wait time can be very big. After the end of saving information it is possible to begin to use the local copy of the website. It is in the same directory where the file of the project was placed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team