How to note all on a photo

How to note all on a photo

The social network "VKontakte" in addition to an opportunity to add the photo to albums has service of marks. With their help it is possible to notify acquaintances on any event or to show them the beautiful image. It is possible to note all as manually, and using the special program, having downloaded it from the Internet.

It is required to you

  • - registration from social network "VKontakte";
  • - the VKBot program installed on the computer.


1. Visit the personal page of the website of VKontakte. Enter the address into an address bar of the browser and load the website. In fields enter the data used at registration on the right. Click "Enter" and click the heading "My Photos" in the left menu.

2. If there is no such heading yet, then include it: come into "Settings" and check near the inscription "My Photos". Then also open. Click the link "Create an Album" under the main blue menu on the right. Give an album the name. If necessary close it from some friends, set the parameter of commenting and add the description. Click "Create an Album".

3. After it click for the line "Add the Photo to an Album". Select the necessary photos on the computer. If files are rowed, click on the first and click Shift, then click on the last image. If not in a row, but them a little, clamp the Ctrl key and select a photo. If you load the single file, just left-click on it. Click Enter.

4. Click on the reduced photo (photo preview) in which you want to mark out friends. Click "Mark out the person". Select area for a mark — a part of the photo or the image completely. If necessary change the area sizes, having pulled for squares in corners of the turned-out quadrangle and on the middle of the parties. The window entitled "Will appear enter a name". Enter a name of the friend or select it from the list. Click "Add". Repeat so until in the list remains nobody.

5. Copy from an address bar the photo address in the format. Install the VKBot program on the computer. Start it and enter data from the page, click "Input". Press the button of "Media", further select "Marks" and "Tag friends in a Photo". Insert the link to the photo by means of Ctrl+V. Click "Went".

6. In the following window also click "Went" if you do not need special parameters of marks. Further, in the Delete the Log? window, click "Yes". Enter the code confirmation in the field under the code if it appears. The program will report the notification in the lower right corner of the screen when all friends are marked out. Open the photo and click F5 for data-refresh on the page.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team