How to open a window in a new tab

How to open a window in a new tab

Work with the web browser means a large number of constantly open windows or tabs. Today you will not meet browsers of Internet pages which are not able to create new tabs any more, Internet Explorer of the 6th version can only be an exception.

It is required to you

  • Software:
  • - Mozilla Firefox;
  • - Google Chrome;
  • - Opera;
  • - Internet Explorer.


1. Mozilla Firefox browser. The easiest way is to click the right button on the link and to select the Open in a New Tab item of a context menu. Also this action can be made when clicking the hot keys, in a case with Firefox – clicking the middle mouse button (scrool – a wheel).

2. Google Chrome browser. In comparison with the last opponent all actions directed to opening of a new tab remain the same. Open a context menu of the link, having right-clicked on it, and select the Open in a New Tab item. If attentively to study this menu, you will see the line "Open in the Mode Incognito". This mode opens a link in a new window, but the viewed pages by means of this mode are not cached that gives a certain level of data protection.

3. As the hot keys the middle mouse button and the Ctrl keyboard shortcut + left click are used. It should be noted that the Shift keyboard shortcut + click of a mouse will open a link in a new window. In certain cases it is enough to take the link a mouse and to transfer to tab bar free space.

4. Opera browser. To open a window in a new tab, it is necessary to click Ctrl and to click on the active link, or at mouse click to clamp the keys Ctrl + Shift – it will allow to open a window in a background tab. Also for this browser the rule of command execution from a context menu of the link works. Click on the selected element the middle mouse button to go to an open tab.

5. Internet Explorer browser. Right-click on the link and select the line "Open in a New Tab". Also you can drag an object on the tab bar that to open it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team