How to open online store free of charge

How to open online store free of charge

The Internet opens truly boundless opportunities for this purpose, who knows as to use it. It is possible to find friends with success, to have a good time and even to earn money. And not only working for someone, but also with success working for itself. Proceeding from the fact that the simplest type of business - trade, it is logical to assume that opening of online store will be the simplest method of work on the Internet.

It is required to you

  • - computer
  • - Internet


1. At first decide on the list of goods which you will offer the client. Select one or several industries of goods. The most important - that they were combined and anyway supplemented each other.

2. Find the supplier. It can be any Internet-shop or the organization which is engaged in delivery of goods online. Find Neobkhodiso the supplier with the lowest cost of goods not to do a big margin and all the same to get profit.

3. Create purses of electronic currency with a possibility of the report on incoming payments.

4. Open the website on a free hosting. For this purpose it is enough to get an e-mail and to use the free designer of the websites who is provided automatically. Fill the website with photos and the description of goods which you are going to sell.

5. Advertize the website through social networks. In the same place it is possible to post photos for simplification of informing possible buyers on existence and the price of goods.

6. At receipt of the order request absolute prepayment. After receipt of prepayment, request goods from the supplier and redirect it to the buyer.

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