How to open port on utorrent

How to open port on utorrent

Ports for uTorrent are used as input points for stream loading of any given file from a torrent tracker. However sometimes the standard firewall of the Windows system makes blocking of ports, necessary for a program runtime, that complicates loading of files. To change this restriction, it is necessary to use the corresponding functions of the operating system.


1. Open the uTorrent program and look at the status of the current connection to network. For this purpose guide the mouse cursor in the program window lower right corner. If the icon of connection burns in green color, the firewall of Windows means does not block the entering connections and the program functions correctly. If the icon has yellow or red color, means there are some problems with connection to servers.

2. Click this icon of the status of connection with a left mouse button. In the appeared window you will see the status of connection and amount of the transferred data. In the lower part of the appeared menu you will see the address of the used port. Press the Test of Port button to make sure that it is blocked by Windows firewall.

3. After clicking the button the browser will open. If you see the message ""Error! Port N does not appear to be open"", means port is really blocked. Press the Start-up button of a system and in the search string enter request "Firewall". Among the appeared results select corresponding then click "Allow start of the program".

4. Find two lines in the appeared list of applications installed on your computer: uTorrent (TCP-In) and uTorrent (UDP-In). Put a checkbox opposite to each of these points and click "Ok". If there is no uTorrent program in the list, click "Resolve Other Program" in the right lower part of the appeared window. In the appeared list select uTorrent and set necessary settings.

5. Restart uTorrent, having used the File point - "Output", and then having started the program by means of a label on a desktop. Again click on an icon of the status of connection. If ports were successfully unblocked, you will see a green icon. You can also make once again the test to make sure that the made settings were activated. Opening of uTorrent port is complete.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team