How to open the Opera browser

How to open the Opera browser

The Opera browser is one of the most popular programs for Internet browsing in Russia. It is possible to open the browser installed on the computer in the different ways, depending on its status in the operating system.


1. To open the Opera browser make doubleclick by a mouse on its label located on a desktop or one cliques if the icon of the program is located in the main menu of the operating system. Zagruzkaproizoydet less than in two seconds. The button of opening of the browser can be also fixed in the so-called panel of quick start which is located call keys of the Start menu in the bottom of the screen on a task bar are slightly more right. Opening of the browser from the panel of quick start is made by single click of a mouse.

2. Open the Start menu and at the top of its right column press the button Internet. This simplified way of start is connected with the fact that the browser is one of the main programs in the Windows operating system. Pay attention that for start of the Opera browser, it should be assigned the browser by default. That is, even if on the computer several different browsers are installed, one of them should be set by default. After that its icon will be constantly enshrined in the Start menu. To assign the browser by default, expose this parameter in its settings, or use Choice of Programs by Default service in "Control panel" Windows.

3. When opening any label of the Internet from a desktop or from any other folder and also a hyperlink from text files or multimedia of the presentations, the Opera browser if it is set by default, will be automatically started. For convenience of opening of any given pages leave labels of often opened pages on a desktop, start them and browse via the Opera browser.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team