How to open the personal website

How to open the personal website

Let's say you own some special skill or knowledge which you want to share or exchange with adherents. You should create the personal website. Business it to a certain stage simple.

It is required to you

  • Computer, connection with the Internet, money.


1. Accurately define maintenance and purpose of the website. It is not necessary to push into it the various directions. For effective work and the best perception of an electronic resource stop on some one subject. If there are new ideas, under them you will make other website.

2. Think up the name of the website and its domain name. The domain serves as a unique text identifier. In essence it is the website online address. Make it of digits and letters of the latin alphabet, include in it a hyphen. For simplicity of perception the domain name should be read and remembered easy. Therefore, the it is less in it signs (the maximum length – 63 characters) and the it is more clear than a word and a phrase, the better.

3. Decide what top-level domain – .ru, .com, .org, .net or another – you would like to see as the termination of the address of your personal website.

4. Check the thought-up domain for uniqueness, for example, via the websites which sell similar names. If the name is free, register it. If – no, pick up it that it was not busy.

5. Register the domain on any of the websites providing similar service. Does not matter at all what registrar you will prefer. Be guided at the price and time allowed for registration. Usually this procedure lasts not for long. For registration use the instruction which is available on the website. Enter all the personal data, check service payment methods. Pay a domain name. By e-mail obtain information on successful delegation of the domain. Annually registration needs to be prolonged. Otherwise the domain name is cancelled.

6. Select a hosting. This residence of your website. If desired place it on a free hosting. Similar places where it is possible to place the website with the personal domain of the second level, floating around the Internet become more and more. Or lodge the website on a paid hosting. For this purpose buy service in placement of information on the server for a month or for a year. Work of the hosting company will be pleasant – prolong if does not arrange, you will find new service provider.

7. The simplest is made – the website is open. Now pick up the engine – use free or buy, work over design and fill the website with information. If designing of a resource is represented to you too difficult occupation, contact developers of the websites and get that option which will suit you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team