How to open the website through a proxy

How to open the website through a proxy

Need to open the website via the proxy server arises if the user was blocked on ah-p or he does not want to leave on the website information on the real the IP address. That visit of the website remained anonymous, it is necessary to find a suitable proxy and it is correct to configure the browser.


1. During the work through a proxy the search of the high-quality proxy server appears as the most difficult moment. The majority that appear in public lists "live" no more than several hours. Many work too slowly that affects the speed of loading of pages.

2. Find lists of proxy servers in network. One of the best resources of this subject is here: Lists are constantly updated by, there is a service of check of servers on working capacity. In the column "Anm" it is specified whether provides a proxy anonymity. The column "Vrm" shows time of its response – the it less, the better. You can select also the country in which there is a server.

3. Having selected and having checked the proxy server, it is necessary to configure the browser for work with it. If you work in Internet Explorer, come into the menu "Service", open "Internet Options – connections". Click "Setup". In the opened window select the Use the Proxy Server item. Specify these proxies – the address and the used port.

4. During the work in the Mozilla Firefox browser open the Tools menu, select: "Setup-in Addition-network". In the section "Setup of Parameters of the Firefox Connection with the Internet" click "Configure". Note the Manual Adjustment of the Server of a Proxy point, enter the address and the port number. Save changes.

5. For work with a proxy in the Opera browser open a menu item "Service", select: "Setup-in Addition-network". Click with a mouse the Proxy servers button. Note the types of connections used by you, register in these lines these proxy servers – the address and port. Click "OK".

6. As public proxy servers usually work very not for long in view of a large number of persons interested to use them, there is a way of independent search of a proxy by means of special programs. They can be separated into two types: the first collect public lists of a proxy in network and check them for working capacity. By means of others it is possible to scan independently ranges of the IP addresses for search of a proxy by the ports used by them. You can find all these programs in the Internet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team