How to optimize the website for search engines

How to optimize the website for search engines

To optimize the website for search engines, it is necessary to be the so-called "semantic center" containing the most interesting to you words and phrases. Some of them are taken by users very often. They received the name of high-frequency requests. Others – mid-frequency – are more rare. Low-frequency requests can be gathered only several times a day.

It is required to you

  • - Computer;
  • - Internet;
  • - Website.


1. Be the semantic center. Try that the words and phrases entering it had the greatest possible number of synonyms. It is extremely important for optimization of the website. Sometimes advance specialists recommend to include in the semantic kernel and expressions which obviously have spelling errors. The fact is that users of search engines have average literacy and can enter a misspelled word. The most characteristic of them – the passed letter or replacement of one vowel by another ("and" on "about", "е" on "and" and the return).

2. Use the most preferable to you requests. Writing of the relevant texts having not less than two-three direct occurrences of key phrases also belongs to the actions directed to optimization. Also it makes sense includein the textthe expression close. But do not do them too much. Search engines of new generation are extremely sensitive, at a surplus of "keys" they easily can apprehend it not in the best way.

3. Call pages of the website taking into account desirable requests. You should not write them only in a nominative case. Think up the phrases allowing other use. In text arrays provide the blocks having subheadings which also should contain phrases, relevant to "keys". One more council – select headings and subheadings in other color, a size or style of outline. As a practice shows, so they will be better indexed by searchers.

4. Select thematic photos, call them in compliance with necessary requests, but write names always with Latin. In addition do signatures under photos, they also influence promotion of pages. Do not forget also about cross hyperlinks in the website. It is better if they contain the "klyuchevik" written to other than imenitelny cases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team