How to organize a conference in skype

How to organize a conference in skype

In this article we will consider the possibility to create a conference with participation of a number of users in the popular program voice and video of communication Skype.

It is required to you

  • For this purpose will be necessary:
  • Possibility of access to the network Internet.
  • The installed version of Skype on the PC.
  • Microphone, earphones, headset.
  • Desire to communicate along with a number of contacts in Skype.


1. We start the program voice and video communication Skype, we are authorized and we get to a main window of the Skype program in which there are all contacts (at the left) and information (on the right). The first step for the organization of a conference is the choice of contacts which will be in a conference. At the left to be the field of contacts, in it each contact always has a status: green, orange, red - online, white - is not present in network.

2. All necessary contacts are in network and are ready to enter the conference mode. For creation of a conference it is necessary to be under a window of contacts the Group button, we click it and on the right the window in which it will be written ""Appears drag contact which you want to add here"", by the left mouse button it is dragged all necessary contacts in this window, or we click ""Add People"" and in the opened list we select the necessary contacts.

3. All contacts for a conference are added now it is possible to begin directly conference, for this purpose we click ""Call to Group"" which begins that conference. The key to be under a window at once where contacts for a conference were added.

When holding a conference for adding of additional people in a conference there is an Add People button which will be displayed under a conference window which will open at a call to group. The selected contact will be at once included in the general conference and will be able to take part in it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team