How to organize e-mail

How to organize e-mail

E-mail allows us to communicate with the people who are far from us instantly. Except text messages, mail allows to transfer to addressees any other files: pictures, tunes, video, applications, etc. As to organize own e-mail?


1. Right at the beginning be defined on what e-mail server you want to organize e-mail. The most popular e-mail servers are Yandex,, Rambler, Yahoo, Google today.

2. If you selected Google, visit the website, for this purpose start the web browser and enter in the field of an address bar of your web browser. Before you the homepage of Google will open. Find the Gmail tab in the upper left corner, click it. On the opened page of mail find the inscription "For the First Time in Gmail?" and nearby the red button "Create the Account" in the upper right corner. Press this button. Or on the same page find below the inscription "Create the New Address Gmail" and click on it.

3. Before you the page with the registration form of the account. Here you will fill out the data for creation of a mailbox. Enter your name, a surname, a name for an input (login), specify the password, select a confidential question in case you will forget the password for an input on a box, write on it the answer, specify contact e-mail, the country, date of birth, enter the code from the picture that the system made sure that you not the robot. Check the data entered by you above if it is necessary, enter the necessary changes. Check conditions of use of the created account and press the button "I accept conditions. Create my account".

4. If you selected Yahoo, visit the website, having entered On the right find the Mail button and click it. On the opened page click "Create the new account". Before you the page with a form will open - fill it in the same way, as it was written above.

5. If you selected Rambler, enter At the left find the column "Mail", click "Get Mail" and follow the same actions.

6. Boxes and on Yandex and are similarly created.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team