How to paste the counter into the blog

How to paste the counter into the blog

Blogging as the social phenomenon and blogs as the form of the organization and providing content found wide popularity, having strongly entered life of Internet community. Each blogger, as well as any other web master, attendance of its resource usually interests. Therefore often the blogger decides to paste the counter into the blog for a possibility of expeditious obtaining information on visitors of the website.

It is required to you

  • - browser;
  • - connection to the Internet;
  • - perhaps, FTP client;
  • - access to the admin panel of the blog.


1. Decide on a counter type for placement in the blog. Solve whether there will be it the counter of one of the public systems of collecting statistics, or the obtained data should be stored and be processed on your server.
It is possible to carry to advantages of own counter: a possibility of collecting any data on visitors, a possibility of change of any operation parameters, complete control over visual aspects of display. From shortcomings It should be noted: additional consumption of resources and duplication of functionality of the server systems of statistics based on the analysis of dens (for example, Webalizer).
Third-party counters, as a rule, are reliable, they do not spend resources of your server, store statistics long time, give the chance of forming of reports. To data some counters can provide a guest access. However information from them cannot be loaded for own use, it is also impossible to check application of this information by administration of service in the purposes.

2. Select the counter which will be installed. Compare characteristics of several public systems of collecting statistics if it is decided to use third-party service. Pay attention to detailing of the data provided by a system, possibilities of creation of any reports, existence of means of the analysis of geographical distribution of users, existence of own rating of resources, etc.
If the counter needs to be installed on the server, pick up and load a suitable script. Use large directories of scripts, for example, of Run for search of the counter with suitable functionality implemented in the necessary programming language. Load a distribution kit of the selected counter on the computer.

3. Look through available documentation, the manual or recommendations about installation of the selected counter. Similar documentation, as a rule, contains on the websites of services of statistics, on the websites of developers of scripts of counters or in archives of the loaded distribution kits.

4. Make preparation and setup of the counter for installation in the blog. If the third-party service is used, create the account on its website. Carry out necessary settings. Generate the HTML-code for adding of the counter.
If collecting statistics is executed by a script, install it on the server. Unpack archive of a distribution kit on a local disk. Unload files of a script on the server by means of the FTP client. Edit configuration files, create the database, start the script of installation if it is necessary.

5. Paste the counter into the blog. Edit templates of pages of a resource, having added to them the HTML-code received on the website of service of statistics or the code ordered for adding by documentation of the selected script.

6. Test the installed counter. Open several pages of the blog in the browser. Make sure that the counter works.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team