How to patent the website

How to patent the website

At emergence of the original idea for the Internet portal her authors try to save the rights and not to allow strangers to use an idea. Some creators of the websites for this purpose patent the child.


1. Usually the patent is granted only regarding which exists in reality and can be apprehended by the person by means of sense organs. As the website does not belong to such objects, the speech goes about its deposition as the object protected by the copyright law more often.

2. But if it is about the website which idea represents a certain new technical solution and by means of which it is possible to reach a certain technical task, the situation changes. You have full authority to submit the application to State department of the software product and shortly to take out the patent. It is necessary to remember that you can register your website both as an invention, and as model sample.

3. For similar registration you should issue the application as the scheme which will visually illustrate all parts of your website as single system. It is very important to show all types of inter-element couplings and importance of each of them. Information on that should be a result of the application, the technical result received as a result of work of your website is how important.

4. If in your case it is about technology of creation of the website, then you should revise the patent application. Its formulation will have to sound approximately so – "process of execution of certain tasks over a non-material object by means of technical means". Otherwise it is necessary to issue the application in a different way, and as the main object to select in it the portal device.

5. Approximate samples of patent requests for the website can look as follows: "the Internet portal for the protected exchange of information at implementation of communication connections", "the electronic system of interaction of content and the equipment for all-informative process of users", "the website for exchange of cross-cultural traditions by means of content", etc. If you find it difficult to formulate independently the patent application, contact the notary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team