How to pay Comstar

How to pay Comstar

The new generation of WiMAX networks wins popularity among Internet users today, and the Comstar company is considered one of leading in this industry. WiMAX convenient, fast and available service. But as a rule, money on the account of the user comes to an end at the most inappropriate moment. Comstar offers several payment methods, at the same time you can pay services with cash, the cash card or electronic money.

It is required to you

  • Number of your personal account in the ХХХХХХХХХ format - UU, where ХХХХХХХХХ — number of personal account, and UU — the check code.


1. Refill balance cash and without the commission you can in MTS company sales offices, ION and "White Wind" shops ("Digital"). For this purpose you need to contact the cashier and to tell him number of your personal account.

2. You can also pay services by means of terminals of bank of "Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)". In the menu of the terminal select the Payments item, and then Internet. Find "Comstar of WiMAX" in the list of Internet service providers. In the opened window enter number of your personal account and the check code. Insert money of the necessary sum into the bill acceptor and click "Pay". Do not forget to save the check until transfer of money for your balance.

3. It is possible to fill up the sum on the account and by means of widespread terminals of payment E-Port, Eleksnet and QIWI. Select in the menu of the terminal undressed Internet and find in the WiMAX Comstar list. Specify number of your personal account and grant the necessary sum. Confirm the entered data and wait the terminal so far will issue you the check. Save it until receipt of money into your account.

4. If you have an e-wallet in a system Yandex.Money, you can use it for fee Comstar. Visit the website and become authorized. Gather in a search string "Comstar of WiMAX" and follow the first link ("Direct replenishment of personal accounts..."). Enter number of your personal account and the sum to transfer, click an icon "Pay".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team