How to pay the Internet with the payment card

How to pay the Internet with the payment card

Replenishment of the Internet account on the payment card is the fastest way to pay communication where you were at present – on vacation, houses or in a business trip. It is only necessary to buy one of cards or to get that which you took in a travel from a suitcase, and then to activate it.

It is required to you

  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - payment card.


1. Visit the website of the Internet operator. Enter the login and the password to pass into a personal account. If you have no personal account, then register, having created the page. Thus, you will be able to pay services the Internet, both by means of the card, and through electronic payment service providers WebMoney and Yandex.Money. If you decided to use one of the last two ways (translation of electronic money), then you need to register in one of systems.

2. Transfer electronic money to a system from the cash card or via the terminal. Enter data of the cash card into a dialog box which to you will be given by a system. If reliable in-fed information, then money, and on e-mail specified at registration is withdrawn from your account (or in a personal account), the letter on payment confirmation will come. Sometimes money arrives not at once. In that case do not worry – such delays happen.

3. Most banks introduced the system of Internet banking, convenient for Internet users. In that case the personal account at you is automatically registered on the website of the servicing bank. It is possible to pay the Internet with the plastic card as follows.

4. Come into the account on the website of bank, enter your login and the password and also necessary confirmation codes. Select service of payment of the Internet from the list of the paid services. Fill necessary fields in the opened form – the Internet operator, an account number. Click "Ok" and expect payment confirmation.

5. Use a sample system constantly not to enter the same data. Change only the payment sum at the subsequent monetary operations. Other information will be automatically replaced.

6. Buy the Internet card of the most convenient face value. Erase a protective cover, enter a combination of digits in a personal account on the website of the Internet operator and expect payment confirmation. After a while the amount will be credited.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team