How to pick up the login

How to pick up the login

Acquaintance to the Internet and travel on its open spaces inevitably results in desire/need to get the e-mail address or to register on any resource. The procedure of creation of the account is usually intuitive and does not cause difficulties. But it is correct to pick up the login for effective communication is the whole art.


1. Define the purpose of the registration, think over for what you will use the created account. So, for business correspondence as the login it is better to take your real initials and a surname or the title of job which you borrow/want to occupy. It is inappropriate for business communication to select words with diminutive-hypocoristic suffixes. For registration on any entertaining resources you can pick up a word or a phrase which will have associative relation to you. For example, the name of a favourite flower, line of your character or a surname which you had in the childhood.

2. Selecting the login for e-mail or other systems of communication (for example, Skype), try that it was sonorous and rather short for fast storing. For the different purposes create the separate e-mail addresses. So it will be simpler to you to be guided in the virtual world.

3. Try to pick up the login so that aurally there were no options of double writing. For example: there is no lenta – doubts in writing, posyolock – is a lot of combinations of letters which can be incorrectly reproduced by the letter aurally: o or and, yo-jo-e, ck-k-c.

4. Aerobatics – to pick up the short, sonorous, memorable login which is directly connected with a subject of a resource on which you are registered, or for the purpose of creation of the account.

5. Make sure that the entered login is accepted by a system. On many portals and forums even before registration confirmation it is possible to learn whether the picked-up login is free and correct.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team