How to play an Internet backgammon

How to play an Internet backgammon

People play a backgammon several millennia, and for quite some time now this gambling removed to virtual reality of the Internet. An Internet backgammon for many became not only entertainment, but also way of earnings along with virtual casinos or trade at the exchange. Meanwhile, rules of this game are rather simple also them it can master to any. Everything depends on skills and experience which is gained in constant trainings.


1. The principles Internet nard the same, as in board game except that players do not need to rearrange counters. Pluses of a virtual game also that it is possible to play with rivals from all globe, communicating with them through text or even a video chat. An Internet backgammon is available to players 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it is only necessary to enter into network and to load a game. Online there will always be a free player ready to a tournament.

2. To play through network, it is necessary to register. Select the pleasant website on the Internet. If you play for money, open a deposit, for a start having got acquainted with conditions. Read attentively lines of the agreement and percent of the commission which you will pay from a prize. Registration procedure, as a rule, is simple, follow instructions and think up a unique alias.

3. Some websites require downloadings and installations of the user part on the computer. However is also such where it is not necessary to download anything, just you visit the website and you play. The won means can be received in several ways: through electronic (virtual wallet) or real payment service provider (plastic cards), cash and so forth. Sometimes bonuses in the form of several hundred on a new deposit are offered beginners, but be not bought on it at once, attentively check conditions and the commissions. Well and, of course, with rules of the game if you never played a desktop analog.

4. The main objective of the participant of a game is to expose all checkers from a board. Who will make it the first, that will win. Play a backgammon on two players, everyone has at the order initially 15 checkers. The course is defined by the numbers which dropped out on two cubes, "zara". Who goes the first, defines the greatest number which dropped out on one cube thrown in turn.

5. At the beginning of the game all checkers of players cost on the half boards along the left side. This provision of checkers is called "head", and the checker course from initial situation carries the name "take from the head". At the same time it is possible to take from the head only one checker for one course, except very first if on two zara the identical number drops out (two-two, three-three, six-six, etc.).

6. The movement on a board goes on "points", sharp triangles from each party, all them 24. Depending on the dropped-out numbers on zara, the player makes the move one or two checkers counterclockwise. To leave from a board, the checker should do a certain path to "house". For example, on zara numbers 4 and 2 dropped out. The player can pass one checker four cages, another – two or any one checker of 6 cages. If the double dropped out, the player passes the dropped-out number of cages 4 times (course).

7. Checkers of each player of two flowers, as a rule, brown and white. At each checker the trajectory: brown move from the upper right corner to left top, then in lower left and in lower right which is called "house". The house of white checkers is in the upper left corner to which they get on route: lower left corner, lower right, top right and, at last, house.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team