How to play Minecraft together

How to play Minecraft together

The popular game "Maynkraft" constantly involves someone in ranks of the fans. Her devoted admirers are attracted in it by diversity of game tasks and certain freedom in the choice of the sequence of their execution. A gameplay here so fascinating that much by all means want to separate the joy of it with someone from friends.

It is required to you

  • - computers or laptops
  • - network cable
  • - Hamachi program


1. If you decided to play a favourite game with the friend (or the girlfriend), you will need only two computer or the laptop on which "Maynkraft" is installed. For the rest the way of the organization of a joint gameplay will depend only on your other technical capabilities. In a situation when at you the network cable is available, connect it both of your computers between yourself and select what of them will play a server role. Start on it Minecraft.

2. After the game world opens, leave it in the menu clicking of Esc. Select the option making the card available for network there. Then make settings of the world "Maynkraft" voluntarily. After that the corresponding button make opening of a network game and do not close the program at all. Start on the same Minecraft computer once again, but now come under other nickname there. In the menu select a game on network. At the same time on the screen IP will be highlighted - and you will have to tell it to the friend for start of a gameplay already on its computer.

3. If you have no network cable, and to spend time for its acquisition a reluctance, try to connect the computers virtually. For this purpose there are special programs, and especially often gamers use Hamachi. Download its installer absolutely free of charge from the website of her vendor. Install such program on each of the computers involved in the organization of network (thus it is possible to connect to a network game not of one friend, and it is a lot of). Open for "Hamachi" on that device that is selected by you as server, and press a start button on the appeared small screen.

4. Select an option of creation of new network in the menu of the program. Write in the opened lines its identifier (the name which is thought up by you), the password and its confirmation. Rewrite these data and give to the friend (they will be necessary for him for own entrance to network to Hamachi). Then start at yourself Minecraft and when the gameplay is started, leave in the menu and select opening and games, and the world for network. Remember the port number through which you play.

5. Open for "Hamachi" on the friend's computer, press in the menu a connect button to the existing network and select for this purpose the, having entered its name and the password for an input. Copy IPv4 in any text document from there. Enter after it through a colon, without putting any spaces, the port number for a game written by you earlier. Now let the friend will open for "Maynkraft", having selected a network game there - through direct connection. In the necessary line it should enter the received combination of IPv4 and the identifier of port. Now enter a game and enjoy a joint gameplay.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team