How to play Need For Speed Underground 2

How to play Need For Speed Underground 2

Fans of computer games of a genre of Racing surely will like NFS Underground. At a game there is an interesting story line, dynamic street races and, of course, a possibility of tuning of cars.

Need for speed Underground is the next masterpiece from Electronic Arts. The basis of a game was formed by the illegal racing competitions which are held on streets of the small American town Olympique City. It is the first game from the range NFS where there was completely worked career mode. In the course of passing to the player an opportunity to buy more powerful and perfect cars, to carry out their technical re-equipment and to tune on the taste opens.


Story line of a game

The plot of a game is quite interesting and unpredictable. The main character, acting through the racer by the name of Rayen Cooper, arrives in the city in which racing competitions are constantly held. During acquaintance to local color the player learns that the whole gangs of racers live in the city and there is a special table of superiority to which the best of the best are entered. Rules of races are simple: it is possible to receive excellent spare parts for the car for a victory and a reward, and in case of loss of the hero will wait for a shame and general sneers. The leader of gang of local racers despises the hero, taking great pain to him to salt and arrange the next meanness. However, the skill of the street racer gets the best of intrigues and intrigues, as a result Rayen becomes the best driver in the city.


Types of races and game process

At a game there are all popular modes of racing competitions: circle, knocking-out race, sprint, drags and drift. Also there is an opportunity to test the car in the conditions of the empty race circuit. For a victory in races to the player reputation points at the expense of which he rises closer and closer to the first place in the rating table are added. For receiving details of visual design it is necessary to score style points which are given for execution of dangerous tricks directly in the course of the race.

Technical improvements of the car

In a game there is an opportunity to improve characteristics of the engine and transmission of the car, coupling, the fuel and brake system. Also there is an opportunity to install an electronic management system of fuel supply, a turbocompressor, to lose weight and to put better buses on the car. All upgrades directly affect the main characteristics of the car: maximum speed, acceleration and management. The possibility of use of injection of oxide of nitrogen is also present. Improvements of performance open in process of playing the game.

Work with a body

Details of a body can be changed to unrecognizability. There is a possibility of installation of new bumpers, side weather-cloths, air intakes, headlights, spoilers, neon illumination and rims. The more improvements of visual tuning - the rating of the machine which is also a multiplier for receiving points of style is higher.

Graphic design of machines

In a game there are two types of graphic design of a body: painting and vinyl stickers. The last can have an appearance decaleu (logos of vendors of automobile spare parts and the equipment) or body stickers with the most original drawings. Graphic design of a car does not influence game process in any way, on allows to show excellent taste.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team