How to play on network on the Internet

How to play on network on the Internet

It is rather simple play network games or applications, as a rule. Usually for normal functioning of similar applications only the correct setup and update of some programs is necessary.


1. The easiest to use applications are mini-games online. It is only enough to select the special website, to register, and it is possible to begin a game. On many similar portals it is even authorized to play with acquaintances. Similar applications do not require high speed from Internet connection or high requirements from the computer. But for correct work of these games it is necessary to install the browser, for example, of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome. In old or even upgraded version of Internet Explorer such games can not work or work incorrectly. Also they require upgraded version of Adobe Flash Player (it is necessary to download here:

2. In network browser online games, more exacting, than mini-games are popular (a la the fool, the sapper, etc.). For correct work, in addition to Adobe Flash Player and the updated browser, sometimes it is necessary to download the additional network client. At the same time, such games often require Internet connection speed, at least, in 512 kb / c.

3. When games not browser, but standard, there all differently. Sometimes to join a game, it is enough to enter into the console the server IP address only. But sometimes, in addition, it is necessary to download addition, a patch, and also the network client can. If similar games have any problems with an entrance to the network mode, then it is necessary to browse properly the website from addition (for example, on existence of "patches" to your game.

4. If at start online of games (not browser) arises "a connection error", then, most likely, the problem is caused by incorrectly configured antivirus or fayervoly. The system of protection just prohibits a game to be connected to the server. For correction of a situation it is necessary to add in fayervol "rule exception" and to bring there a game.

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