How to play on network with the friend to Maynkraft

How to play on network with the friend to Maynkraft

Maynkraft – a computer game in which the hero needs to survive all paths and to equip to itself worthy life. How to play on network with the friend to Maynkraft, interests more and more virtual users. And there is no wonder, original processing, sand little men and a bright postscoring tighten to the game world without the rest.

However, the modes at a game a set, and not all are based on survival. If you do not want to run and shoot, then you can select the creative or adventure mode. Also there is a "observer" and "hardcore" mode. In what difference? "Survival" forces you to sweat fairly, thinking how to get or skraftit materials for arrangement of the dwelling. Execution of tasks becomes dangerous after nightfall: "the sand world" is constantly attacked by the blood-thirsty monsters dreaming to destroy the hero, that is, you. Having selected "creativity", it is possible not to worry about sudden death – here you are free to show the talents somehow, a system and destroying buildings as soon as there is desire. The name "hardcore" speaks for itself, but keep in mind – having died once, to revive, it will not turn out. The "adventure" mode creates the card with tasks which need to be executed. "Observer" very simplifies existence of the player. Having put the block, for example, on beds with vegetables, you can be quiet – in the put time your resources will be collected and hidden to the reliable place. Yes, in Maynkrafta it is possible to create a farm and to grow up grain crops.

Do not think that Maynkraft a boring browser where it is necessary to build houses and to survive. The virtual world has huge scales, secret corners with the riddles and features. Having found the portal to another dimension, you will be able to battle against a dragon, and having remained on the earth, to investigate secret paths or labyrinths of a vault. The virtual world is full of animals which itself can take away, having cajoled food. Undoubtedly, you were very impressed with game opportunities, now it is necessary to learn how to play Maynkraft with friends.

Ways to play Maynkraft on network

 Play with friends more cheerfully therefore you do not hesitate and install the program of a hamacha (Hamachi) on the computer. Naturally, your friend should make the same. Downloading of the program free, also does not require money in the future.

When opening a window of the program, click "network" and create new. Fill empty fields. In the graph the identifier of network think up the name (login), in the second column enter the password. Write data and give to the friends. After creation, press the blue start-up button. If everything is made correctly, your version of a game will match the version of friends. You can play as the company, and in the single mode. But to let in new heroes the world, it is necessary to come into a single game, to select the button "open for network". At the left in the bottom of the screen there will be number which is necessary for creation of the unique network address for an output in your personal network. This address needs to be entered to the Hamachi program. Guide the cursor at an open window of the program, click the left mouse button and select "copy address IPv4". Save the got number in a notepad.

That the friend could be connected to the server, it needs to come into hamach from the desktop, to select "network", then "be connected to the existing network" and enter the login and the password. After the player entered a game, it is necessary to select "a game on network" and "live broadcast". Everything that it will be necessary – to enter the unique network address saved in a notepad.

Game on own server

Game on the server is good the fact that process always goes well, does not brake, does not hang up. Plus, you have additional opportunities and special plug-ins. Find any website Maynkraft's hosting, execute registration or come through social network. Registration will not take a lot of time, and already in a couple of minutes you will get on the page of a game server. As soon as you click "Get your server now", the white field in which it is necessary to enter the new name of a host will open. Then select the region, a free hosting of "free" and decide on server type. "CraftBukkit" - will open additional functions of the administrator. To enjoy game process, you will need to enter the IP address.

Besides, you can just select any existing server on the Internet and steep to the virtual world.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team