How to play on the Internet in NHL

How to play on the Internet in NHL

More than 15 years for fans of hockey there is a remarkable computer game of NHL. Play this game not really difficult therefore it won hearts of many. But some of fans of this simulator finally come that want to try the hand in a game against other users. How to play in NHL on the Internet?


1. Test the speed of the Internet. Minimum speed which is necessary in order that a game went normally – 512 kbps. If the speed of the Internet is much less, then to enjoy a game it will not turn out. If speed is slightly less than the stated 512 kbps, then it is possible to play it will turn out. It is reasonable to begin a game if the speed of your Internet not less than 400-450 kbps. Where it is possible to test connection speed? There are special websites which are for this purpose intended. For example,, well or you can rummage in search engines and find the website on the taste.

2. Find the IP address. You can enter request for search of own IP in the search engine, and you can just proceed on the website where the IP address of your computer will be automatically determined. If you play through your opponent, then he will need to undergo the same procedure though perhaps he already so knows the IP address.

3. Find the rival. For a game in network you need only one rival. It can be your acquaintance with whom you agreed in advance or absolutely the stranger whom you will find at hockey forums. Also there are whole tournaments where you can take part. However, if you the player not really experienced, then you do not play better there. Especially, quite often a game in such tournaments goes not only on sports passion, and on voices or something else. Besides you should not expect that at a forum at once someone will react to your application. So if you want to play directly in a minute, then phone to the friend better and suggest it to battle. Otherwise, wait for the answer at a forum not earlier than in several hours, and perhaps and only next day.

4. Create connection. For this purpose it is necessary to come at first into "Main menu", then into "The game modes". Further we click "Play on network". You enter own IP address in the IP address field. Your vis-a-vis should enter also your IP address and be connected to the server.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team