How to play Parograd

How to play Parograd

Parograd is a browser online game. It is free therefore no money for registration will be required. A game is made in full 3D graphics on the Unity 3D engine and on plotting of texture, quality of graphics concedes nothing to the majority of client games.

Parograd is the world of a fine fantasy made of a large number of locations and the cities which interact with each other by means of clockworks and energy made by steam. Action of a game takes place on the surface of the Universal mechanism full of riddles and secrets. Players will see the fantastic world of an industrial century in which the alchemy, magic and the equipment closely intertwine.

This world is inhabited by huge number of races, here it is possible to meet both people, and orks, elves, gnomes and other surprising beings. The plot of this online game has no linearity. Depending on the made decision the player also the further story line changes. It is possible to travel around the mad world of Parograd as alone, and in group of supporters.

Registration in the game Parograd

Registration will be the first step by the beginning of a game. It is possible to register having visited the official site of a game. Parograd will not demand installation on the hard drive PC.

Further the window of the choice of the character will open. It will be required to select a floor and to create an external image of the hero. Then it is necessary to select race and to decide on a class. Here the player will meet the first difficulty as the choice is provided by ten races and four classes.

Classes of heroes in the game Parograd

  • The class of arkanist is the strong class capable to manage energy and to use fire, ice and a lightning in the attacks. As weapon to this class serves the staff and a staff, and protection — an easy armor and boards. Such item collection of the attack gives to a class of arkanist the most extensive scope therefore the class can cause a loss to several opponents at once.
  • The class of shooters differs mainly in ability to conduct a distant battle. Players can cause a huge loss at a big distance, but, unfortunately, cannot battle in infighting. Shooters have muskets, revolvers and rifles in the arsenal. And for protection use leather lungs and an average armor. Prefer fights 1 on 1.
  • The class of keepers is the strongest class in Parograda. Have huge firmness and never hand over the boundaries. Keepers have hammers, sabers, swords and axes in the arsenal. And for protection use an average and heavy armor, a uniform and boards. Thanks to such regimentals are incomparable in infighting.
  • Class of mediums. This class is irreplaceable at team game. Mediums use energy from sources of the Universal mechanism and can make the destroying sound and light attacks on the opponent. The class of mediums is the only view which can treat allied troops. Has a scepter and a spear in the arsenal, and for protection uses an average armor, a uniform and a board.

Races of heroes in the game Parograd

  • Race Hartlendtsev — young race with different culture, pragmatic, inhabitants of such industrial zones as Neksus, Locke, Delton. Suits any class, but have no special talents and abilities for something. Have bigger number of points of life, than other races.
  • Race Avenostsov — highly educated people from patriarchal society. Are predisposed to different researches and magic construction.
  • Race Osteniantsev — romantics and religious fanatics. Are broken off between service to the king and service of church. Therefore are suitable only for 2 classes — keepers and mediums.
  • Race Stoygmartsev — hardworking, living in suroveyshy conditions. Are famous for martial arts and keep the century traditions. Adore hard liquors.
  • Race Draugov — closed. Are careful of everything and vseya. Live in solitude in patrimonial ruins of the mansions.
  • Race Rayvenov — the most beautiful and elegant race in the game Parograd. Are the nobility and spend the most part of time in holidays, drinking wines and holding duels. Unfortunately their age of life is short.
  • Race of Goblins — little beings with green skin. Have huge curiosity and therefore constantly get involved in bad stories.
  • Race Hobbov is also beings with green skin, but unlike goblins of a hobba are the unfriendly people. Hold the century traditions of martial arts sacred. Perfectly are suitable for a class of shooters.
  • Race of Orks — the most frightening race from zelenokozhy. Orks are very large and strong, are derelicts and therefore are very dangerous.
  • Race of Gnomes — little and thickset gnomes with all eagerness protect the smithies from destructive influence of time. Are ideal for a class of keepers.

After the final choice of race and a class the player will be able to plunge into execution of different quests, battles on the arena and a team duel. From the 6th level the player can create the clan or adjoin already existing. The various number of locations will open in process of playing the game and adoption of certain solutions by the player. Perfect graphics and magnificent music will not leave indifferent any player Parograd.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team