How to play PokerStars

How to play PokerStars

If you are able and like to play poker, then for certain thought of playing on money even if symbolical. Gamblings in Russia are resolved only in game zones, and here on the Internet it is possible to play.

What is PokerStars

For a start you should understand that only you are responsible for possible loss. PokerStars one of the largest poker of rum around the world which began to function in 2001 and strongly developed, having come out on top in the sphere the Internet of poker.

Begin play each person who reached 18 years and downloaded the Windows application or Mac from the official site can. Further it is necessary to undergo simple registration and to fill out data on itself.


There is also mobile version for Android and iOS which has the same functionality. It is also convenient play on the phone or the tablet, as well as at the computer.

After that to you will enlist some quantity of game counters on which it is possible to train the skills of a game and to evaluate functionality. Everyone can find a game to liking here. Is holdy, Omaha, herds and other games. There is a lot of tables for a game so you will always find the place. They can be sorted by rates or blainda which borders at a game on real money from 0.01 to 1000 dollars.

In more detail about rules of PokerStars

It is remarkable that the main currency in a game the US dollars which can be put into the account from the plastic card of any bank are also accepted electronic money, for example, by WebMoney. The won means go as payment only after verification of personal data and the same way that were enlisted.

In day as a deposit no more than 1000 dollars, and in a month no more than 5000 can be enlisted. Everyone selects what games to it to play. It can be both normal a cache tables, and the SIT & go tournaments and also other tournaments organized by office or individuals as selection.

As bonuses there are points on which score of the player allowing to receive direct games invitations, to buy things on them in partner shops and to pay at their expense the participation in tournaments is assigned to you. They are nullified every month so rather relevant show your activity as player.

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