How to play to a pillbox through a garena

How to play to a pillbox through a garena

World of Warcraft III DotA ("pillbox") - a favourite game of millions of gamers worldwide. But to enjoy it wholly, it is necessary to find a suitable game server. The client of "garen" will allow to cope with this task.


1. Download "garena" from the official site. Install the client on the computer. At installation to you will suggest to add expansion and to get news from your game servers. Opposite to these points it is desirable to put "ticks".

2. Register on the master game server of World of Warcraft - Registration on it will allow you to receive world bonuses "pillboxes" and to participate in official tournaments.

3. Activate the client "garen". For this purpose it is also necessary to undergo registration procedure. In activation process to you will suggest to enter the operating e-mail address, phone and data from the server if you want to play on official servers and tournaments with the prizes "garena".

4. Also "garena" will suggest to pay service of purchase of the server. This option is optional, but it is useful for the players wishing to create communities with the rules. If you are going to join the existing servers, can just pass this step. It is possible to pay the garena server with use of plastic cards, Qiwi terminals and electronic payment service providers.

5. Select the section WoW III DotA in the directory of the games "garena". Two tabs will open: Create Room (to create the server) and Open Room (to join the existing community).

6. When choosing Open Room the window with the list of available servers will open. Each server has a short description - number of participants of community, date of creation, frequency of visits. Old servers have higher number, but they also are more conservative: for beginners a game in such communities can turn back the ban or loneliness. On the other hand, "warmer" young rooms sometimes are small. Be connected to the most attractive server (Start Game in Room).

7. Select race, the card and the character. Sometimes the system offers characters of the players who left "garena". Such step can be perspective - such accounts can have high levels and the bought ammunition. After installation of all settings you will be able to play in "pillbox" through "garena".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team