How to play with friends in PUBG

How to play with friends in PUBG

It is always simpler to breathe and play when the back is covered by the loyal friend and the reliable companion. For this reason it is simpler, more cheerful and more interesting to play together with the friends PUBG. But how to play with friends in PUBG, to invite the fellow soldiers in a lobby and to start joint conducting combat operations?

Here it is important to consider that users of any platform can integrate therefore together will be able to play those who started PUBG on iOS and the Android system. As for PC users of the version, access to mobile children is meanwhile closed by it. But it and is fair, between control of the keyboard and a mouse and the touchpad there is a big difference which can become the reason of an imbalance of forces.

Therefore after start it will be necessary only to start the microphone to communicate with the friends and to report to them about the location. Here it is so possible to learn about the opponents and to conduct the command to a victory.

How to find the colleague

As well as it is accepted, future workmates always have the unique in-game nicknames and the special ID given by a system. Therefore to find partners for a game it is possible to find just in these parameters. The user name is shown on the right in the main menu. And to learn ID, it is necessary to ask the companion to click a nickname. On the picture appearing at the same time it will be shown, where exactly there is ID.

Future workmate will need only to click ID, to copy value and to send by means of a chat or in a different way.

What is necessary for adding of the friend

To add companions in a game, it is necessary:

  • Receive ID or the friend's nickname as it is stated above;
  • Press the button of two silhouettes located in the lower left corner;
  • Click on "Add the friend";
  • Enter a nickname or ID. It will be necessary to click on OK further and to wait until the friend adopts the agreement on friendship.

How to create the room

But to add the friend to itself is only a half of business. Now it is necessary to learn to create a lobby by means of which several friends in team's line-up will come into battles. Here it is worth paying tribute to design team – such processes are simplified to a maximum here. The menu is just that place where users will need to gather. To create the room and to invite there friends, it is necessary:

  • Find the friend as it is described above;
  • Open the list of friends. It is located in the lower left corner, near silhouettes;
  • Find a nickname of the necessary friend and click a plus. After that a system automatically sent to this user the invitation to accession to fighting group.

After all these actions the fighting friend will appear on the game screen, and the shock group will be created. After that it will be necessary to select the game PUBG mode. For example, it is possible to go to the DUO mode (fight in couples) or to the Squad mode (fight 4 on 4). The choice is based on preferences of users, their skill and mood.


Of course, the Royal Fight mode in itself assumes a game to the last survivor, but in such project the game mode with someone is a great way to spend several fascinating and interesting evenings together with the friends.

And in order that companions did not lose each other during fighting, it is worth being added as a friend on a nickname or ID. So users will not be lost and will be able to play with each other against other commands.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team