How to post news on the website

How to post news on the website

Information technology development caused rapid development of the Internet on which open spaces dozens, and maybe hundreds of news resources for which the latest news constantly is required daily are registered. What made a profession of the journalist very demanded. But one business to give ready material to the proofreader to edition where the publication of news happens without further participation of the correspondent, and completely different when from the journalist the independent publication of article on a news resource on the Internet is required.

It is required to you

  • - access with the rights of the editor to an administrative part of an Internet resource.


1. In the latter case, except knowledge of journalism, it is necessary to have the minimum knowledge of Internet technologies still. Because, as a rule, the websites are created on the platforms having automated management of content (contents). The most widespread platforms on creation of Internet resources are now such as: Drupal, Joomla and DLE. Each of the specified automated control systems for content has the built-in editor who is configured by the web programmer under definite purposes and tasks and not so significantly differs from the editor who is built in a system by default.

2. To publish news on the website, the journalist needs to get access to an administrative part of a resource. Right of access on the website as the editor opens right after registration on it, or the superadministrator of a specific resource personally assigns the login and the password for authorization of an individual journalist who, as a rule, is sent on the postal e-mail address of the author.

3. So, let us assume, that the journalist already managed to enter an administrative part of the website and the first that to it opens - it is the menu in which surely there is an Add News on the Website point, we click it, and we pass in the editor.

4. Being in the editor, we find a text window, it is normal in a top line into which the heading of the published material is inserted, the button for loading of the drawing to this news will be located slightly below. The drawing is initially copied on the hard drive of own computer, and then is loaded on the website server. It is the standard practice on the Internet.

5. All news belong to any certain category. In this connection, at the editor surely there is a list of categories from which it is necessary to select that to which there corresponds your publication.

6. Further there can be two options of continuation of the publication.

7. In the first: in the editor there is a text box in which the announcement of news is copied, and lower the field for an insert of material in it completely will be located.

8. In the second: for the publication of news in the editor the unique text box is provided. In this case, in the available field all text is placed. Then the cursor is installed in the place of the termination of the announcement, and in in the lower part of the interface of a text box of the editor the button, or something similar to it should be "more detailed". After clicking it, in an installation site of the cursor the dotted band of red color is obliged to appear. What demonstrates division of the published material into the announcement and the body text.

9. In the most lower part of the interface of editors the Publish News and Preview buttons are placed. You click that which you find necessary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team