How to post the files on the websites

How to post the files on the websites

If there is a need to transfer files not to one specific person, but a large number of recipients at the same time, it is the simplest to make it, having posted them on any websites on the Internet. There are web resources for which file allocation of visitors is basic function (for example, services of storage of files) or one of additional (for example, forums).


1. If the file (or files) it is necessary to distribute to group friends on interests, it is possible to use any forum. As a rule, they have some certain subject or are broken into sections, each of which is devoted to a specific subject. You should find a forum whose subject corresponds to purpose of files which you want to place. Some of forums demand from users of registration - in this case fill the corresponding form and activate the account, following instructions of a forum.

2. Create a new subject in appropriate section of a forum, attach to it the file (or files) and write in the text of the message of an explanation about their assignment and use. The procedure of attachment of files is usually rather simple. For example, at those forums which are constructed on very widespread vBulletin system the Management of Attachments button is placed in the section "Additional Options". Having clicked it, you will open an additional window where it is necessary to press the Browse button, to find the attached file in the computer and to click the Load button. After that you will need to send the message.

3. Other option of file allocation on the Internet is to use services of services of storage of files ("file hosting services"). For example, you can select This service can place for one loading duplicates of your files on eight file hosting services. After you pass to the homepage of the website, select services for which the script should send your files. All eight are by default noted - remove tags in checkboxes of unnecessary file hosting services.

4. Click the Browse button, find the file which is required to be loaded in the computer, and click "Open".

5. Fill optional fields of a form if it is necessary. It is possible to enter the text which will be seen by visitors of the page with links to download the file in the File description field. The service can send from your name the link to the page of downloading to e-mail the address which you will specify in the To e-mail field. In the From e-mail field specify your address - it will be present at the letter as a source address.

6. Click Upload to begin loading process of the file. After its termination the service will submit you the plate with a file manor, its amount and the link to the page of downloading. On this page references to duplicates of the loaded file on each of noted file hosting services are placed. You can distribute to recipients of the file both the link to this page, and separate references on it placed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team