How to print the page

How to print the page

When persistently you look for something and you find, there is desire to read it at once. But there is no wish to read behind the monitor of the laptop, eyes are tired. The printed version of the portal interesting to me is far more pleasant, than reading option in front of the laptop. Recently I do quite so.

It is required to you

  • It is a little software which can be downloaded from the Internet.


1. From the very first days of knowledge of the sphere of surfing of the Internet I did not like reading at a table with the computer. It was unpleasant not only to a back, but also eyes. I began to try to download material and to print, but all my attempts came to an end with failures. The text turned out not that font, font size always differs from what was seen, besides all advertizing banners climbed directly on the text. It was penal servitude. And then to me the friend advised to install one program - Adobe Professional.
So, about this program - it serves for professional creation of files in the PDF format. For certain, you already faced such format. Has wide circulation on the Internet, serves for contents in itself the scanned pages. In our case it does the same.
We open the program - the File menu - to Open a link (to Open URL) - we enter the link to the page of the Internet that we want to save in text form - the PDF file with our text is ready. It was necessary only to print it, having pressed the Print button (with the image of the printer), or the File - Printing.

2. Also there is other way which does not demand to download for itself(himself) the program from the Internet. This resource is called Print What You Like which can be found to the address

The principle of work of service is very simple:

- we enter the link to our page;

- we edit the page for the subsequent printing;

- we print.

Distinctive feature of this service is total freedom in editing the pages selected by us. We can remove any part of the text, any banner, side bars - all that is not required to us when viewing and reading the turned-out text.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team