How to prohibit pop-up windows

How to prohibit pop-up windows

All modern browsers have locking gears of pop-up windows. You can set the corresponding rules both for all web resources in general, and for the separate websites.


1. If you use Opera, then can select one of four verification regimes of pop-up windows provided in the browser: block everything, block nonrequested, open everything in the background, open everything. This list is placed in the section "Fast Settings" of the section "Setup" of the main menu of the browser. The travel according to the menu can be replaced with clicking of one "hot key" F12. It is possible to assign one of these four verification regimes also to any website personally if to right-click on its page and to select the line "Settings for the Website" in the menu. Look for the list of verification regimes of pop-up windows on the Main bookmark. And on the Scripts bookmark more detailed installations of control HTML and JavaScript of codes of pages which adjustment requires understanding of mechanisms of these languages are placed.

2. When using Mozilla FireFox it is necessary to open the section "Tools" in the menu of the browser and to select the line "Setup". In a settings window go to the Contents tab and expose a tag at the inscription "Block Pop-up Windows". The separate websites can be excluded from this rule, having edited the list opening clicking of the Exceptions button.

3. In the observer of Internet Explorer it will be required to open in the menu undressed "Service", and then its subsection "Block Pop-up Windows". Two points are placed in it, top of which includes blocking of pop-up windows. The lower point ("Parameters of blocking of pop-up windows") opens access to editing the list of the websites exceptions and setup of levels of filtering (all them three here). Right there it is possible to include the text and sound notification about an event of blocking of the next window. Other method of inclusion of blocking - in the same section "Service" to click the line "Internet Options" and to go to the Confidentiality tab. There it is necessary to make a tag for the Include Blocking of Pop-up Windows point.

4. If your browser - Google Chrome, then, a menu aperture with click of the icon with a wrench, click the line "Parameters". Then in the left margin of the Setup page follow the link "Expanded" and in the section "Confidentiality" click the Contents Settings button. Here in the section "Pop-up windows" you need to make a tag at point of the ban of pop-up windows. Exceptions for separate web resources can be entered in the list which opens the Management of Exceptions button.

5. And in the Safari Apple browser everything that should be made for inclusion of blocking of pop-up windows - to click a combination of the buttons CTRL + SHIFT + K. There are also longer versions - for example, it is possible to open the section "Editing" in the menu and to click the line "Block Pop-up Windows". Or it is possible to select the line "Setup" in the same section "Editing", then to go to the Safety tab and to give a mark at the Block Pop-up Windows point in the section "Web content".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team