How to prohibit viewing the website

How to prohibit viewing the website

On the Internet it is possible to meet a set of the websites which for one reason or another can be unpleasant to you. For example, pornographic resources which you would not want to show to children, or the websites extending viruses or consisting of persuasive advertizing. In this case you can prohibit viewing similar services by means of change of settings of the browser, a fayervoll or the operating system.


1. Open the menu of the Opera browser and select the section "Setup". Go to the Expanded tab and note the Contents point. Press the Blocked Contents button. The window to which you can add the address of any website which viewing you want to prohibit will appear. If in the future you want to unblock a resource, then select the corresponding link and click "Delete"

2. Visit the official site of the Google Chrome and Firefox browser. Here you need to download addition of Personal Blocklist (for Chrome) and Blocksite (for FireFox). This plug-in allows to form the black list of the websites which are prohibited to viewing.

3. Start the Internet Explorer browser. Open the Properties menu and pass into the section "Contents". Press the Include button and select The Resolved Nodes tab. Specify the address of the website and check near the inscription "Never" to prohibit opening of this resource in the browser. It is also possible to specify the password which will allow to browse the blocked website.

4. Use special programs for blocking of the websites. For example, application NetPolicce, Jetico and other. They are rather simple in management. After installation attentively look through the instruction for setup accidentally not to block the necessary websites. Thus, you do not have need to constantly change settings of browsers if you use several for visit of the Internet.

5. Make changes to the configuration file hosts. This way of the ban of viewing the website is the most effective, however requires attentiveness and certain skills in work with system files. The document is according to link C://WINDOWS/system32/drivers/etc/hosts also opens by means of a normal notepad or the text editor. If you cannot find it, then come into properties of the folder and check near the inscription "Display the Hidden Folders and Files". Add at the very end of the hosts file a line which consists of the IP address of your host and the address of the website which needs to be blocked.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team