How to prolong protection of the buyer for AliExpress

How to prolong protection of the buyer for AliExpress

The AliExpress trading floor enjoys wide popularity of buyers of the whole world including Russia. Hundreds of thousands of sellers and more than one million goods are presented on the electronic trade field. Everyone can get all most necessary here. But it happens and so that the bought goods do not reach in due time the destination or vanish at all. In order to avoid such situations, creators of the trade portal developed the system of Protection of the buyer for AliExpress.

The AliExpress trading floor cares for that the buyer was satisfied with acquisition, received a parcel as soon as possible, but did not wait for long time. The Escrow system – Protection of the buyer against unfair transactions was for this purpose developed.

The system is started for the maximum control of a chain "the Supplier - the Buyer". Which essence is that the seller does not receive money for the account until on the website the answer is received from the buyer about receiving goods of the corresponding quality. A transfer is made by the buyer for Escrow, temporarily there is frozen. As soon as the answer is received from the buyer, to the supplier the earned funds already from the Escrow system are transferred.

At control of transactions the Escrow system, the seller is automatically interested in fast delivery of a parcel to the buyer, her reliable in contents.

It should be noted that the system of Protection of buyers against unfair transactions is automatic only if payment for goods was made on attributes AliExpress. In case of payment of money directly to the seller and not receiving, the necessary goods, the AliExpress trading floor of responsibility will not bear. It is necessary to contact the seller directly and to require performance of obligations that can not always play advantage of the buyer. The supplier can refer to force majeur circumstances or loss of a parcel by the third parties. In a word it is possible to argue indefinitely, without having found the ends.

It is always recommended to make sure before transfer of money that the seller works via the Escrow system.

Let's consider, than protection of the buyer on AliExpress trading floor is provided.

  • First of all there is an encryption system of data of the cash card with which a transfer was made. None of the third parties will be able to learn these data.
  • Secondly, the payment will not be transferred to the seller until the buyer through service on the website confirms obtaining the order, the corresponding quality.
  • The third moment is delivery in time. If purchase was not delivered in time, that is within 60 days from the moment of payment, then the buyer will receive payment into the account in full. At will it can prolong delivery periods and terms of Protection of the buyer.
  • At last, the buyer can open a dispute with the seller, concerning the moments which are not satisfying it, and AliExpress can be the intermediary in this dispute and help to settle the conflict, to come to the general.

It is important to remember that the period of period of validity of Protection of the buyer, always exceeds delivery period of goods for 10-15 days. If delivery period is set for 30 days, then the system works within 40 days. If the buyer needs extra time for purchase quality check, then Protection of the buyer can be prolonged. Also it can last and if the parcel did not arrive on time, but the supplier claims that he sent it.

Prolong Protection of the buyer very easily, it becomes on the website AliExpress, in a personal account of the buyer where all its acquisitions and the history of transactions are displayed.

The buyer needs to come into the section "My Orders", to select the necessary item from all list. Near it information on that will be displayed, what is the time until the end of Protection of the buyer remained. Further the input about the section is made "In more detail".

Information on a deadline of Protection of the buyer is in detail displayed, it is the parameter which and will need to be changed. Also the link will be also visible to protection extension where and it will be necessary to click.

Having followed the link, the buyer will see the notification that also the seller will have to approve Protection of the buyer. One-sided desire in this case is not enough. Having pointed the necessary number of days to protection extension (normally it is 7-14 days, but at will it is possible to set also other date), transfer messages via the Send button is made.

If within 2 days the seller does not confirm the consent to extension of Protection of the buyer, then is strongly recommended to contact it and to open a dispute. In case of consent to Protection extension, the notification will come to a personal account of the buyer.

Sometimes, that the seller prolongs Protection of the buyer against the unfair transaction that says that the supplier is interested in clients and carefully monitors implementation of orders. Such sellers are worthy positive reviews.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team