How to promote community

How to promote community

The purposes of creation of communities in the Internet at everyone the. Their popularity depends on many reasons, but a result one - the promoted community begins to bring to the author quite good income.

It is required to you

  • - computer with Internet connection;
  • - the community.


1. Create qualitative content. First, accurately define subject and the direction of your community. And further start its filling. Interesting publications, qualitative photos and pictures, videos and other integral elements should be relevant, interesting to participants. Information should be almost necessary and fresh.

2. Invite new participants. It is necessary to allow a lot of time for this occupation. You should not select people, subjectively evaluating need of participation in yours of community for it. Invite those who are online, and provide to the person to solve independently, to enter him or not to enter.

3. Place references to community on third-party resources. Copy the direct reference to your page and insert it into thematic forums, on the pages on social networks and other sites where the interested people will be able to see it. It is desirable to frame the naked link with a tempting slogan.

4. Create individual style. Hundreds of thousands of identical communities bore and do not draw attention. You should work at that the page became unique.

5. Consider design. A beautiful background, successful tags - guarantee of your success. You remember also that the community should have an integrity. The different subjects which are not relating to the general subject can reduce the number of subscribers.

6. Invest money. Today there are many offerings on promotion of communities. Any of them requires material inputs. Approximately you receive for hundred dollars hundred new subscribers. But such options are not always good. Minuses are that the attracted participants pretty fast refuse a subscription.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team