How to protect itself from spam

How to protect itself from spam

The full e-mail of letters with the ad info, importunate messages in icq, the agent, Skype with invitations to follow the doubtful links, in a word, spam – not only takes away time, eats traffic and takes the place, also it can do harm to your computer as some similar letters contain viruses. Therefore it is important to protect himself from spam.


1. For as under no circumstances do not leave the address of the e-mail in messages at forums. Also be not registered on the doubtful websites. The less you will "shine" the e-mail address on the Internet, the less spammers will place it in the list of mailings.

2. Get a separate mailbox, a so-called box for garbage which you will use for registration on the different websites and forums.

3. Do not accept the offer of friendship on social networks from strangers at once. It is possible to exchange at first several messages to understand what from you is wanted. And then to draw conclusions and to send the addressee to the black list or to make the friend.

4. Do not subscribe to newsletters of free news. Many companies in a consequence sell the bases of the addresses to spammers or send advertizing letters together with news.

5. In some e-mail clients, for example, in The Bat!, it is possible to configure the manager of letters so that mail was not accepted at once. At first you tick off what letters to delete, and then choose the command "deliver mail". So in the computer there is only necessary correspondence.

6. Also there are special programs – spamfiltra. They check existence of suspicious parts in messages and delete undesirable letters from the server. The truth together with spam the program can throw out in a recycle bin and mail necessary to you.

7. Pay attention, how difficult password at your box of e-mail. The password is simpler, the it is more than chances at spammers to pick up it and to do mailings from your name.

8. Whenever possible, you get a mailbox for business and personal correspondence on a paid hosting as the bulk of recipients of undesirable mail – clients of free services. Besides, representatives of a hosting carry out technical support and constantly improve work of an antispam.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team