How to protect the account

How to protect the account

Online people communicate with friends, conduct business negotiations, work, make purchases and pay the bills. The person on the Internet is more active, the bigger damage will bring him cracking any of its accounts. Therefore, it is better to think of the safety in advance.

It is required to you

  • - paper
  • - handle.


1. Use the password consisting of digits, letters with the different register and special characters. You should not use as the password your surname, date of birth or the phone number as the person knowing you can pick up such combination.

2. As a control question which will be asked to you by the server if you will forget the password you should not select such obvious questions as a maiden name of your mother or a nickname of your pet. Answers are known for certain also by your friends.

3. Use to accounts on the different websites different passwords and periodically change them. Even if the malefactor will hack your account on any website, it will not be able to reach other your pages. Also it is better to change the password if you used the account from an Internet cafe, or having caught free Wi-Fi.

4. Not to forget numerous passwords to accounts on the different websites, write them on the sheet of paper better and you monitor that this leaf did not fall into bad hands. Store the password list on the computer in the text document it is unsafe. Also, if you use file hosting services, you should not share all data. Your data for a login to accounts on the different websites can fall of the malefactor into hands. Share information only on folders in which are stored only music, movies, books.

5. If to you the guests wishing to use your computer periodically go get for them a special guest access and do not forget to switch to it when you depart from the computer. Even if you got up for five minutes to give some tea.

6. You do not store the data used for an input on the website in the mailbox as they are cracked most often. After information for activation of the account was sent you to mail, rewrite the password on paper and delete the letter.

7. Do not forget to use a reliable antivirus and in time to download for it updates. The new programs spies capable to steal your password are improved every day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team