How to protect the computer from the attacks

How to protect the computer from the attacks

The Internet became an integral part of activity of the person recently. For some it is the venue of leisure, for others – work. There is also a group of people, so-called hackers who seek to profit at your expense, cracking computers through a wide area network. In this situation it is necessary to protect independently the computer as there are no official organizations for fight against network attacks yet.

It is required to you

  • antivirus software


1. Do not react to spam. The majority of malicious applications extend by e-mail. Having received the spam message, do not try to understand about what it, or to download the files attached to it. At once delete.

2. Download files only from the checked websites. Often free software contains malicious applications which crack your computer in addition and devastate e-wallets. If you after all loaded the similar file, then before installing the new program or to unpack archive, check it an antivirus. In case of detection of a virus proceed to the recommendations of the antivirus software then completely delete the downloaded file from the computer and find safer resource for its loading.

3. Update the software. Hackers often use "bugs" and "defects" in browsers and operational programs to attack computers. Developers constantly correct these errors, releasing the next updates which are intended to reduce vulnerability of your computer.

4. Install an antivirus on the computer, include a brandmauzer and do not forget to download the updated bases. The fact is that hackers constantly think out new ways to crack computers for which new methods of fight against their attacks are in turn developed. At the same time the firewall sometimes is more favorable than an antivirus as it is capable to mark and prevent any sending data from your computer.

5. Do not visit the doubtful sites to which resources with free software and the free pornwebsites belong. As a rule, they support a worm who with ease can infect your computer in the code. It should be noted that many searchers at an output of search results report to the user about danger of the website.

6. Do not connect to the computer without the updated antivirus unchecked data storage devices. The flash drives used in corporate network (at the university, at work, in Internet club) are especially dangerous as in them virus programs often extend.

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