How to protect the server

How to protect the server

Protection of the server is one of the main questions of its owner. Protection against the attacks and against overheating – the most important parameters of successful, long and stable functioning of a system. For this purpose it is necessary to install network tools and to provide the server with good cooling and a reserve source of power supply.

It is required to you

  • - Cooling system,
  • - UPS,
  • - basic measures of a computer security.


1. Without protection of the server it is senseless to expect its long functioning. It can include two parameters, such as protection against overheating and breakdown, and protection "from the outside" (if server works on the Internet). The first important parameter is installation of the uninterruptible power supply unit. At any failure of electricity of the UPS will provide functioning of the server still some time for which it will be possible to save all necessary data and as appropriate to turn off the power. If the jump of electricity happens exactly during writing data on a disk in the absence of additional power, then it can lead to damage of the equipment and loss of all records. Moreover, the UPS saves the power supply from differences of the electric power as a result of which the computer can burn down. It is important to note that good "bespereboynik" should provide, at least, 5 minutes of battery life.

2. In the room where the server is located, it is necessary to install the competent cooling system. In spite of the fact that computers can have enough coolers, work as summer in stuffy space is capable to nullify all work even of the most expensive cooling. Installation of air conditioning system is the required parameter of any correctly arranged server room. Also the room needs to be aired constantly. The most ideal option for server – installation of the water cooling system. However, it is quite expensive.

3. To protect the server from the Ddos-attacks it is necessary to organize the correct firewall. Continuous monitoring of the arriving traffic is also necessary that will allow to find threat in due time. It is necessary to organize the system of cleaning of traffic and to provide servers with the intelligent system of detection of the attacks. However it is necessary to notice that any such program is not capable to replace specialists in the field of safety the Internet.

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